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Salon development

Salon growth and development is essential for any salon success, you achieve this with salon & brand awareness and a larger customer base of regular full paying clients. Nowadays salons are inundated with companies offering various ways to do this, which must be very confusing, time consuming and frustrating at times.

Drawing on our wealth of experience, we offer professional marketing campaigns and consultancy service. We deliver awareness and provide your salon with quality new clients to drive your business forward.

Our free Services

It may sound too good to be true but all our services are completely free; your only investment is with each new client we provide. We approach all local offices, businesses and large organisations on your behalf and introduce them to your business giving you the chance to stay one step ahead of your High street completion.

As all your new clients are living and working in your catchment area this will enable a higher percentage of client retention.

Our marketing campaigns

Campaigns are tailor made to your exact salon requirements with an emphasis on bringing your salon up to its full capacity.

Every salon loses clients throughout the year so each campaign runs over a six month period and targets either specific stylists or the salon as a whole to ensure consistency and the right balance.

This allows you to focus on the day to day running of your salon. Before and throughout the campaign an important part of our service Is our dedicated salon support and staff training programme.

Staff training programme includes

Reception - Make your front of house excel
Customer Service - engage with your client
Upselling - The importance of upselling
Staff Motivation - Improve salon performance

Salon sensitive topics

Turnover projections
Detailed reports
Staff Incentives
Salon management


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